Shit Misogynists Say


Misogyny is Dane Cook and Louis C.K. mincing and lisping for laughs. It’s Rudy Giuliani and the Dean from Community dressing like a woman because a person with a penis dressing like a woman is a joke. It’s Maureen Dowd, John McCain, and Sean Hannity comparing Obama to a woman as an insult. It’s Tim Allen’s character on Last Man Standing doubling over in disgust when he finds out his daughter’s boyfriend is at a tanning salon. It’s Conan’s people brainstorming new ways to call Kirstie Alley fat,1 Rush Limbaugh new ways to call Michelle Obama fat,2 and the Archer people new ways to debase Pam. It’s Brit Hume and Rachel Maddow agreeing that spending money on your looks like a woman disqualifies you for high political office. It’s the things you can’t remember, like the last woman president or the last time you heard a man compared to a woman as a compliment. And combined with racism, transphobia, and homophobia, it’s the women the word “woman” usually doesn’t mean, women who aren’t considered pure, who aren’t white,3 cisgendered, and heterosexual, who aren’t on the cover of Vogue4 or Vanity Fair5 or on TV6 or in the movies,7 who aren’t Jessica Lynch8 or Laci Peterson,9 who aren’t as important as the way their brother talks10 or their ex-boyfriend sings11 or the reputations of their attackers,12 who can be raped without consequence because they’re considered unrapeable13 and murdered without consequence because they’re invisible.14 America is a club that plays many different songs but all with the same thumping, insistent theme: being a man is good and being a woman is bad,15 and being the wrong kind of woman is worse.16 To deny misogyny exists is to see everyone dancing and deny it has anything to do with the music.

It’s there in American politics. Empathy, compassion, peace, shopping, fucking men? These are things women do and if you do them you’re a joke, especially after 9/11.17 Better to be George W. Bush, who caused so many deaths with his wars that counting them all, at the rate of one second a death, would take longer than watching the Star Wars trilogy, the Star Wars prequels, all four Indiana Jones movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, all eight Harry Potter movies, Kill Bill vol. 1 and 2, and the first two Twilight movies, combined18–not counting the people of Iraq and Afghanistan dead for lack of food or medical attention19 or the troops20 and contractors21 who died by suicide at home, or the hundreds or thousands of others whose lives have been altered22 or completely derailed23 by traumatic brain injury24 or PTSD and the family and bystanders who are sometimes hurt25 or killed26 because of it. Better to be George W. Bush, who locked up POWs without a trial for his whole presidency,27 waterboarded them,28 stripped them naked,29 hung them from the ceiling in cold rooms until their legs swelled up,30 chained them to the floor in baking hot rooms so long they shit themselves and tore their hair out,31 dressed them like women,32 beat them,33 tortured them until they died,34 deprived them of sleep until they lost their minds and tried to kill themselves beating their heads against the wall,35 kidnapped them and gave them to torturers in Egypt36 and Syria37 and Afghanistan.38 Better to be Barack Obama, who keeps the POWs locked up, even the ones he knows are innocent;39 covers up for the torturers40 but locks up Bradley Manning41 in solitary;42 escalates one of Bush’s wars43 and declares a new one;44 blows up children45 and crushes families in their homes46 in six countries47 with an unprecedented number of attacks48 by American predator drones, to fight anti-Americanism; cuts Federal spending, tries to cut Social Security benefits, and tries to make ailing 65-year-olds wait two more years for Medicare, in a recession;49 puts an American on a secret kill list and assassinates him and his son;50 locks up or deports a record number of undocumented immigrants,51 including 46,000 parents, and puts 5,100 of their children in foster care;52 takes marijuana away from people with chronic pain;53 makes it harder for teens and preteens who don’t want babies to get the morning after pill;54 signs a bill saying he can lock up Americans without trial however long he wants;55 all while flattering himself that his craven, self-serving decisions are somehow “tough”.

You’d think after two failed wars and counting, the press would learn to question the presumption that a sadistic decision is always also the pragmatic one, but the support of the press for flamboyant displays of masculinity remains as dependable as a group of kids chanting “Fight! Fight!” on the playground. Succumb to your feminine impulses—the touchy feely, wishy washy, hippy dippy, kumbaya, Gaia worshipping, Mother Teresa shit—and Maureen Dowd and the gang at Fox News will be the first to call you a gay pussy. Wear a flight suit on an aircraft carrier, and Chris Matthews can’t clap loudly enough.56 Drop bombs on babies in Iraq, and Thomas Friedman will have to hunch forward to conceal his boner when he tells Charlie Rose why doing so was a regrettable necessity. And when it finally dawns on former New York Times executive editor and torture apologist57 Bill Keller that Iraq was a terrible idea, he’ll use his mea culpa less for soul-searching than as an opportunity to humblebrag about how his “testosterone” made him especially protective of his daughter after 9/11.58 The press makes hurting people the easy choice, the only choice. They literally beg politicians to inflict pain on other people,59 scold us for not liking it,60 even in the face of overwhelming evidence that it’s not necessary61–when they’re not ignoring it altogether, like Andrew Sullivan or Jonathan Chait,62 or urging that we do the same.63 Because hurting people is brave. Hurting people is manly. Hurting people is what daddies do.64 Hurt people and Politico will give you an award.65

It’s even infected the comedians, the smart ones, the alt-ones, the ones who pride themselves on their iconoclasm, the ones who play the Bell House in Brooklyn and UCB and Steve Allen in L.A., the ones who write clubby TV shows for people who like catching references. In the early nineties, a Minnesotan named Lois Jenson brought a sexual harassment suit that made it harder for bullies to stampede women out of their jobs with relentless sexual commentary,66 and Rush Limbaugh decided that meant an all-powerful cabal called the PC police was preventing him and other luminaries from speaking uncomfortable truths—censoring them!—in the name of political correctness.67 A lot of comedians bought into Limbaugh’s persecution fantasy68 and to this day believe they’re the star of their own personal Milos Forman movie,69 speaking truth to power, except “power” means groups that have been politically, socially, and economically marginalized since Plymouth Rock, and “truth” means the truth of a bigoted character or stage persona the comedians have invented. Limbaugh’s fantasy is the manure from which springs every fat joke on Conan, Archer, or Parks and Recreation,70 every rape joke on Whitney, Two Broke Girls,71 or 30 Rock72 or celebrated by the New York Times,73 every “contrarian” “think” piece by Katie Roiphe in Slate74 and the Times,75 and apparently Anthony Jeselnik’s entire writing process.76 Thanks to Limbaugh, any hack can slap quotation marks around a joke that would have been stale when Andrew Dice Clay was telling it and become an embattled First Amendment warrior.77

Because like the press, who think war makes a politician brave even though war has always been the easy way for unscrupulous cowards to get themselves exalted as heroes,78 the comedian acolytes of Rush Limbaugh think telling a misogynist joke makes them edgy, when misogynist jokes are what we use to sell milk79 and The Lorax.80 The truth is, telling a fat joke, a transgender joke, gay joke, or a rape joke doesn’t make Matt Stone and Trey Parker,81 Seth MacFarlane,82 Bill Maher, Dan Harmon,83 and Whitney Cummings heretics; it makes them members of the priesthood.84 Heretics get pepper-sprayed.85 They get fired for talking about war like it’s not a glorious fireworks show.86 They get death threats, rape threats, racist slurs, and stalkers, like women who advocate for women’s rights on the internet.87 If Matt Stone, Trey Parker et al. really wanted to be renegades, they could write a sympathetic woman having an abortion without repercussions.88 Or transgender or gay89 sex that’s not self-abasing90 or a punchline.91 Or a children’s movie about a girl and not a boy,92 about a girl of color and not a white girl,93 about a transgender girl and not a cisgender girl. They could pass the Bechdel test.94 They could put more women in their writer’s rooms.95 At the very least, they could muster the integrity to say no when their corporate bosses tell them to put more naked breasts on their show.96 But they don’t. Because they’re chickenshits who just want to look like they’re doing something the Man doesn’t want them to.

I’m a white, straight, cis man in his early thirties, so I’m not the one Louis C.K. is calling stupid because I spend too much time on my looks or Conan is calling worthless because I don’t live up to his beauty standards. Regis and Justin Bieber don’t grope people like me on national television.97 I don’t have to bigots trying to get me kicked out of the Girl Scouts98 and public bathrooms,99 and I don’t have to worry that my date will murder me when he finds out I have a penis.100 I don’t have Texas forcing me to get a vaginal probe before a routine medical procedure,101 or 25 other states passing laws last year making it harder for me to get an abortion.102 I’m not constantly targeted by woman haters like the American Family Association, the Catholic Bishops, Rep. Steve King-IA, Americans United for Life, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, Karen Handel, and George Sodini.103 But I’m sick of people assuming I don’t care. I’m sick of being expected to agree that half the human race is good for nothing if they’re not good for a man.104 I’m sick of being deemed an enemy of the First Amendment if I don’t laugh any time a comedian says “cunt.”105

So go fuck yourself, Shit Girls Say. Go fuck yourself, Louis C.K.  Go fuck yourself, Coco. Go fuck yourself, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Seth MacFarlane, creatively bankrupt Limbaugh acolytes everywhere. Go fuck yourself, Christopher Hitchens, for believing as devoutly in the gender binary as anyone ever has in Jesus Christ.106 Go fuck yourself, Maureen Dowd, you gender policing throwback. Go fuck yourself, Obama, you paternalistic, murderous asshole. You don’t look tough. You don’t look serious. You don’t look brave. You don’t look edgy. You look pathetic.


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  29. ^ Like Abdullah Al-Kidd, a U.S. citizen who “was detained under the federal material witness statute , then spent 16 days in federal detention, sometimes naked and sometimes shackled, often freezing and in cells lit for 24 hours a day. Nobody suspected him of wrongdoing.” Lithwick, Dahlia, Al-Kidding Aside: The Supreme Court’s Collective Yawn at the Case of a U.S. Citizen’s Detention and Mistreatment after September 11, Slate, Mar. 2, 2011.
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  97. ^ “While white women were covered in multiple layers; corsets, floor length dresses etc, no honour was given to our desire for modesty. The black female slave at anytime could be forced to disrobe for the pleasure of her owners. Today white people still feel that they have the right to our bodies.  It can be a small act like touching our hair without permission, to a heinous act as serious as sexual assault.” Martin, Renee, Can I Touch Your Hair? Black Women and the Petting Zoo, Womanist Musings, Sept. 10, 2008; “It doesn’t matter that her last name is Minaj or that she’s black and a “she” so you thought it would be ok, that her ass is awesome, rumored to be fake, that she talks about sex explicity in her music. That’s not an invitation to sexual harassment on national television.” moyazb, Really Regis?!, Crunk Feminist Collective, Nov. 30, 2011; When I look at the above image [of Justin Bieber touching Esperanza Spalding’s hair without asking], I cannot help but think of the race and gender dynamics at play.  Bieber is a White male with plenty of class privilege.  White men have a history of violating the bodies of women of colour, because they have always existed with a privilege that is unmatched by any other group. Whether they were sneaking into the slave cabins, or publicly ridiculing and shaming us, they have always felt that their race and gender entitles them to our bodies. Martin, Renee, Justin Bieber Pets Esperanza Spalding’s Hair, Womanist Musings, Feb. 17, 2011.
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